Individuals are Leading Today's Digital Dialog Social Posts are more Powerful than Corporate Communications Time Spent Online is on the Rise Social Conversations are getting Mobile and Local Business must Follow Consumers and Employees Digital Engagement poses Challenges for Business Users Expect Business Systems to be Internet like ... Social, Mobile, Local... User Demographic is turning Internet Savvy Business needs Internet-class IT...
-- intuitive user experience, lightweight apps, big data processing, frictionless upgrades
Business Processes must Follow Digital User Behavior Consumers are Co-builders of new Digital Ecosystem

About EnterpriseNube, creators of Gudville

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EnterpriseNube is a next generation business solutions firm that helps corporations navigate the emerging digital world. The changing power equation between individuals and organizations brought about by online social networks call for change in business strategy, business processes and Enterprise IT design. It also calls for change in delivery and consumption models for the enterprise IT and business services. EnterpriseNube helps organizations bridge this gap as we move to a more collaborative, and inclusive business environment.

Gudville-Brands is one such outcome based business solution that addresses cause marketing challenges of consumer brands. Cause campaigns compete with product campaigns for budgets and mass appeal. Gudville-Brands offers a low cost platform for brands to connect with socially sensitive consumers in context of their cause. It is a business solution along with a fast growing community of cause sensitive consumers. Brands get to start their social campaign and engage with target consumers in highly rewarding ways like securing endorsements for their social campaigns, not just ad-views. What's more they get to pay only for outcomes - endorsements in this case.

Gudville-Brands is a classic example of next generation digital enterprise solutions that Enterprise Nube' focuses on

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